I had fun testing out my new lens on Sam the other day. He’s always pretty difficult to photograph because of how much he moves. Getting an accurate exposure isn’t nearly as difficult as getting the composition right. However, I recently got the Canon 85mm f/1.8 as a Christmas gift from my parents, and it’s made it a little easier. I currently use a crop sensor, so the focal length is more like 136mm, which suits me perfectly. A longer focal allows me to step back out of the way and take photos of him playing instead of trying to follow him around which only distracts him. I also think this lens will work perfectly for portraits for a similar reason – by stepping back a little and giving the subject more room to breathe, you’ll be more likely to get more natural looking photos.

All photos, except the black and white one, were edited with the Mastin Labs Portra Pack using Portra 400.


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